A virus is a special kind of malicious software that is downloaded to a computer without the owner’s knowledge or consent, and which has the ability to embed itself in the code of other programs and multiply.

The purpose of a virus is to reduce the functionality of a device or software structure by deleting files, corrupting data, slowing down the system, and so on. Sometimes viruses can steal the user’s personal data, but some viruses were created without any selfish purpose and harm the device aimlessly.

How to detect a virus?

The more complex the virus, the less often its presence on the device is noticeable to the user. However, there are signs that are worth paying attention to:

  • the operation of the device suddenly slowed down;
  • deactivation of the antivirus protection;
  • the device started discharging faster;
  • sudden difficulty connecting to the Internet that is not related to the router.

How do I remove a virus from my device?

To avoid getting a virus, do not download files from unverified sites, follow phishing links, and do not install suspicious programs. Also installing antivirus software helps to protect your PC from getting a virus.

If the device is already infected, there are many licensed antivirus programs and scanners, both paid and free. In some cases, it makes sense to turn to a trusted professional, for example, to take your computer in for repair.

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