vStack is a hyper-converged platform
to build fully managed enterprise-level virtual datacenter

The platform itself is a uniform software-defined modules infrastructure,
based on superior Open Source technologies.
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The platform itself is a uniform software-defined modules infrastructure, being managed either via unified API-endpoint or Web interface
vStack hyper-converged platform
is a product of ITGLOBAL.COM LABS.


Q4 2018

vStack has been started in 2018 as a venture project sponsored by ITGV fund.

Q2 2019

The project has been involved in one
of ITGLOBAL.COM B2C cloud projects
named —

Q3 2019

vStack has been deployed at 2 datacenters
as an alternative to VMware™® backend
for cloud provider.


The project goals are to develop own product series such as hyperconverged platform, storage platform, aiming to be an alternative to existing enterprise storage and virtualization solutions as well as hyper-converged platforms.

The key point of initial goals had been inspired by scale-out software architecture model, needless to expensive multi-tier fault tolerance mechanisms for a single cell, caused to expensive cell configuration. It often has no sense to use expensive enterprise-grade high availability solutions as a platform for scale-out software base. Lack of hardware vendor lock, thin-layered implementation is more important for scale-out solutions platform.

The project goals were never a competition to enterprise-grade solutions, being developed for years and decades by hundreds of developers and engineers. Mature enterprise products have insane complexity today, preventing a customer from fast move in, while we do our best to be simple.


We do our best to produce durable output

Technological advance is the base of evolution, while a flashy novelty is not.


They are hard to implement, but they lead to appreciable excellence.

and competent Team

All of above is nothing but slogans without The Team, capable to incarnate unbelievable ideas.

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