vStack increases competitiveness of Kazakhstan provider


CloudTek, a cloud provider from Kazakhstan, turned to ITGLOBAL.COM to get a turnkey cloud infrastructure that included the vStack virtualization platform. This allowed the company to increase productivity and reduce the cost of building and maintaining the cloud infrastructure. 


Client: CloudTek

Manufacturer: vStack 


CloudTek provides cloud services in Kazakhstan

CloudTek is a cloud provider that provides services for the creation of data center-based infrastructure in Kazakhstan. The company provides services to businesses in the Fintech and E-commerce sectors. The package of services includes: provision of public cloud, backup, pentests and audits, and protection against DDoS attacks.


Task: opening of a new site

CloudTek opens new sites for selling cloud services in Kazakhstan, scaling the business and increasing its presence in the market. In 2023, it was decided to continue expansion. Therefore, the company faced the task of increasing computing capacity and selecting a virtualization platform to be used at the new site.


Choosing a virtualization platform

When selecting software and hardware to build cloud infrastructure, CloudTek was guided by three main criteria:


  • manufacturer reliability; 
  • solution resilience;
  • favorable price.


The cloud provider’s specialists considered two virtualization platforms: a foreign VMware solution (the platform is available in Kazakhstan) and hyperconverged solution vStack.


«We were choosing between VMware and vStack. In the end, we settled on vStack virtualization platform. The main selection criteria were: software functionality, fault tolerance and cost of the solution», — noted Murat Kenebaev, CEO of CloudTek.


«Our partner CloudTek found all the functionality it needed on the vStack platform. At the same time, the cost of the virtualization solution was several times less than other available vendors. Therefore, the choice was made in favor of a modern and cost-effective product», — Evgeny Karpov, CEO of vStack, commented.

ITGLOBAL.COM Group of Companies and its vStack platform became partners of CloudTek cloud provider in Kazakhstan.


Stages of work on infrastructure development

The manufacturer of the vStack platform together with ITGLOBAL.COM developed and implemented a comprehensive solution for CloudTek. The process of creating the infrastructure took place in several stages.

  • In the first phase, the vendors provided vStack-R hardware. 

The supplies included five servers and two switches compatible with the vStack virtualization platform. The integrated solution also included a Huawei switch manager. Compatibility of components ensured uninterrupted operation and high performance of the infrastructure. The equipment was connected by CloudTek specialists on the basis of schematics and manuals provided by ITGLOBAL.COM.


  • The second phase was to deploy the vStack platform and integrate the dashboard.

vStack specialists prepared a customized version for CloudTek with additional functionality added. For example, they added Kubernetes service to the control panel. Having obtained access to connect to the customer’s infrastructure, the vendor deployed the virtualization solution and integrated the infrastructure control panel.


  • Technical support of the equipment is performed by vStack and ITGLOBAL.COM specialists.

Cooperation with the manufacturer allows manufacturers to keep the necessary stock of equipment parts in their warehouses. Thanks to this, the infrastructure operates smoothly and does not depend on external factors.


Result: a reliable IT infrastructure increases the company’s competitiveness

The CloudTek provider received a turnkey infrastructure including servers, switches, virtualization platform, control panel and maintenance.


The smooth operation and cost-effectiveness of the integrated solution allowed CloudTek to compete with other cloud providers that use only VMware. And thanks to the ability to delegate non-core tasks, the company was able to offload specialists for more important tasks and increase its customer base.


The cloud provider plans to further expand its business and purchase additional vStack-R equipment

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