How Obit helps customers reduce costs with the vStack platform


Obit and vStack entered into a partnership agreement three years ago. Over the course of their work together, the IT solutions provider helped 15% of its customers implement the platform, who were satisfied with the cost-effectiveness, reliability and performance of the VMware platform alternative.


Client: Obit

Manufacturer: vStack 


About Obit

Obit — IT solutions provider with deep expertise in ensuring technological sustainability of business of any scale.


Founded as a communications provider in 2002, in 21 years OBIT has transformed into a center of competence that covers the widest range of tasks: from maintenance of existing IT infrastructure to localization and migration to new solutions.


The company’s customers utilize vStack, VMware and Kubernetes platforms.



Companies around the world have been adopting virtualization since the late 2000s. The pace of cloud adoption accelerated in the aftermath of the pandemic, when businesses began to urgently and massively migrate to cloud services. In response to this need, Obit added vStack, an enterprise-class virtualization platform, to its portfolio of services in 2020. 



One of Obit’s tasks is to help its clients implement modern technological solutions. 


Start of cooperation with vStack

vStack and OBIT partnered in 2020, when many companies had an increased need for virtualization solutions due to the pandemic. The provider chose vStack’s hyper-converged virtualization solution as the optimal reliable and stable alternative to VMware.

The vStack enterprise-level virtualization platform is designed by experts with years of experience in cloud services.

The advantages of vStack include the ability to scale quickly, no vendor lock-in, IT management from a single point through a common interface, and no discretion.

With vStack, you can create and quota virtual data centers, create virtual machines in 15-40 seconds, modify them, delete them, clone them, do compression, deduplication, and make snapshots of virtual machines. Adaptive vCPU quantum budgeting mechanism provides high cost efficiency in the software-defined computing layer at CPU overcommit values up to 900%. The CPU overhead of the platform is 2-5%.

Initially, OBIT offered its customers two virtualization systems: vStack for medium-sized businesses and VMware for large corporations. However, over time, OBIT began to offer the vStack platform to Enterprise customers as well.


«Initially, representatives of medium and small businesses switched to the vStack platform. For most of them, the decisive factor is a large set of functions and affordable price. Companies that are just starting to use cloud services and have limited budgets are also choosing vStack. Over time, Enterprise-level customers have also realized the benefits of switching to vStack.»

Ilya Pimenov, Head of VIP-Customers Group, OBIT

«For many companies, VMware functionality is redundant, they don’t want to pay for it and are moving to vStack»

Evgeny Karpov, vStack CEO



OBIT connects customers who need a reliable and cost-effective solution for building virtual data centers to vStack. We will show how the platform helps solve business tasks using the example of companies.  


Task. Ensure the training platform is operational, meeting the allocated budget deadlines.


Project realization. It was necessary to select a solution for deployment on a virtualization platform in a data center. “OBIT signed a contract for a pilot project, within the framework of which some services were placed on vStack.

In particular, Linux operating systems were deployed on the platform. They deployed the platform for the project “Knowledge without Borders”, which forms an accessible educational environment for people with visual impairment. The platform allows providing visually impaired people with access to training courses and knowledge bases.


Result. The client was completely satisfied with the functionality and reliable performance of the platform and confirmed that at the time of deployment, vStack was the best option for hosting servers on Linux.


Printing house

Prerequisites. The printing house is one of the first clients of OBIT, which has been working with the company since 2008. The client asked the provider for assistance in hardware selection. In the course of the consultation it turned out that the optimal solution would be the implementation of a virtualization system.


Task. The printing house needed a virtualization platform to organize the work of remote specialists.


Project realization. OBIT implemented the vStack virtualization platform, after which the print shop deployed 16 virtual machines for remote employees.


Result. The client solved their tasks with vStack. Since the platform works without any problems, it was decided to continue the cooperation.



Currently, 85% of OBIT’s customers use the VMware platform and 15% use vStack.


By implementing the vStack hyperconverged solution, OBIT customers were able to reduce virtualization costs and improve the reliability of their infrastructure.



OBIT plans to expand its cooperation with vStack and start offering 3-5 year licenses on more favorable terms with cost fixing.


«In the spring of 2023, we were approached by a customer who had experienced a long-term IT infrastructure failure. The customer needed a reliable service that could be switched to. As a result, vStack was chosen. We think that the number of such requests will only grow.»

Ilya Pimenov, Head of OBIT VIP Clients Group

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