Success Story

Falcon Cloud - Expanding to the East

Falcon Cloud, the eastern division of the international cloud services provider Serverspace, has successfully entered the dynamically developing Middle East market.

Managing vStack virtual machines

Success Stories

How Serverspace became the #1 provider thanks to the vStack platform

International cloud provider Serverspace operates in seven countries with more than 5,000 customers. The company uses VMware solution and vStack hyperconverged platform as virtualization systems. It is thanks to the implementation of the vStack solution that the provider topped the top companies in terms of virtual machine performance. In this article we will tell you how Serverspace reduced the time to create VMs, increased their performance and reduced virtualization costs.
Success Stories

ITGLOBAL.COM Cloud provider utilizes vStack platform

The vStack platform is successfully operated in the cloud by ITGLOBAL.COM Cloud provider. In this article we will tell you about the experience of using and operating the solution in the public cloud.
Success Stories

vStack increases competitiveness of Kazakhstan provider

CloudTek, a cloud provider from Kazakhstan, turned to ITGLOBAL.COM to get a turnkey cloud infrastructure that included the vStack virtualization platform. This allowed the company to increase productivity and reduce the cost of building and maintaining the cloud infrastructure.
Success Stories

How Obit helps customers reduce costs with the vStack platform

Obit and vStack entered into a partnership agreement three years ago. Over the course of their work together, the IT solutions provider helped 15% of its customers implement the platform, who were satisfied with the cost-effectiveness, reliability and performance of the VMware platform alternative.

Advantages of disposable virtual machines in a hyperconverged environment

Today's companies don't need to buy additional hardware to deploy secure environments and test applications. Instead, they can use virtual machines. A separate kind of virtual machines are Disposable VMs. They are instantly created to perform primitive operations and are removed as soon as they are completed. We will discuss the benefits of operating Disposable VMs on the vStack platform.

How vStack has improved VM performance to almost the same level as physical servers

In this article, we'll examine why the vStack platform provides low overhead and what benefits it brings.

What are software-defined data centers, how they work and their applications

A short story about basic concepts and recommendations for choosing a virtualization platform.
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