How vStack has improved VM performance to almost the same level as physical servers

In this article, we'll examine why the vStack platform provides low overhead and what benefits it brings.

What are software-defined data centers, how they work and their applications

A short story about basic concepts and recommendations for choosing a virtualization platform.

The benefits of feature requests or how to stop paying for things you don't use

In this article we'll tell you why redundant functionality is disadvantageous for users and how to avoid it.

HCI - an alternative to complex and expensive traditional solutions

In this article, we describe the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure and its advantages over traditional solutions.

Horizontal and vertical scaling of IT infrastructure

When a server can no longer handle the computational load, you can add capacity or buy a second device. We will consider the pros and cons of both options and tell you about approaches to building IT infrastructure.

Why hyperconverged infrastructure is the future of IT

Voice of the Enterprise analysts predict that by 2024, hyperconverged infrastructure will occupy more than 56% of the IT market. In this article, we will explain why more and more companies are choosing hyperconvergence and why HCI solutions are the future.

How to reduce capital and operating expenses through hyperconvergence

The crisis is a time to optimize budgets. How to reduce costs without losing productivity with the help of modern technology.

Converged and hyperconverged infrastructure

Two approaches are used to build IT infrastructure: convergent (CI) and hyperconvergent (HCI). In this article we discuss their differences, consider their pros and cons, and show how hyperconvergence can be implemented using vStack as an example.
Success Stories

How Serverspace became the #1 provider thanks to the vStack platform

Serverspace, an international provider of cloud services, operates in seven countries with more than 5,000 clients. As virtualization systems, the company uses the solution of the American developer VMware and the Russian hyperconverged platform vStack. Due to the implementation of vStack solution, the provider led the top companies in terms of virtual machine performance. In this material, we will tell you how Serverspace has reduced the time to create VMs, increased their performance and reduced virtualization costs.
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