A tool for creating services and storage in the cloud. It requires no special access level and is distributed under the APACHE license.

Work Principle

The tool contains modules which are tailored to specific tasks. The modules do not conflict with each other, so they can be used in combination without causing technical problems.

The list of modules is constantly expanding, and you can individually consult with technical support about the selection and debugging of modules.


The Glance module manages virtual host OSes but does not deal with their storage.

Cinder is a storage system for working with blocks of information.

Swift is a similar system to Cinder for accessing objects, which is managed through its own internal software.

Neutron – a debugger of connections between the modules in use.

Keystone – a control for identification and authentication.

This module performs system/unit specific access control functions.
Watcher – a load balancer.

Horizon – a module for monitoring the system built around OpenStack.

Nova – one of the main modules, serves as an execution controller (start/restart/stop).

OpenStack is a robust solution with a rich technical background. The constructor principle will help the user to understand their needs, reducing the time that the customer could have spent on setting up a full configuration.

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