Maximum transmission unit (MTU) — это максимальный объем самого большого блока данных, который может быть передан за одну транзакцию.

Чем выше значение MTU, тем меньше накладные расходы. Уменьшение MTU приводит к снижению сетевой задержки. MTU зависит от базовых возможностей сети. For this purpose the Maximum transmission unit parameters can be adjusted manually or automatically.


MTU is used in communication protocols and network layers. There are certain standards (Ethernet and others) that specify the MTU size. Also some systems can determine the MTU at the time of connection. The link layer and the physical layer usually add an Overhead to the data being transmitted.


Increasing the MTU increases efficiency because each network packet can carry more user data at a fixed Overhead. This requires processing fewer packets for the same amount of data. However, larger packets take longer on the link than smaller packets. This causes next packets to be delayed and increases network latency.

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