Docker is a software that automates the development, delivery, and launch of applications. It is one of the most well-known container tools and can significantly reduce the delay between writing code and getting it into production.

Docker is used to deliver applications quickly and consistently and to run multiple workloads on the same hardware. It also enables continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) of workflows.

Benefits of Docker

  • Ensuring a high tolerance of workloads.
  • Run both on the developer’s device and on physical or virtual machines or on cloud providers.
  • Dynamic workload management.
  • Portability, speed and light weight.

Use Docker

Docker allows you to deploy and scale applications independently of your environment, and to have confidence that your code will work. This is because Docker packages software into containers that include everything you need to keep your applications running.

Unlike virtual machines, containers perform a virtual representation of the server operating system rather than a hardware server. The Docker software kernel is installed on the servers from which the containers are scheduled to run, and allows them to be built, started, and stopped.

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