DevOps is a methodology aimed at improving the quality of software development.

The concept of DevOps

First, removing organizational barriers between developers. DevOps also aims to implement CI/CD practices. The methodology accompanies the project from creation and testing to operation and support.

DevOps is needed to create a system with loosely dependent components, which opens up the possibility of constant refactoring and release of updates without interrupting the organization.

Objectives of DevOps

  • Reducing the number of failed releases.
  • Accelerating project development.
  • Reducing debugging time.

Principles of DevOps

  • Communication culture. DevOps is about teamwork, development organization and uniting specialists of different profiles.
  • Verifying code with automated tests.
  • Monitoring the use of necessary tools and eliminating unnecessary ones.
  • Ongoing analysis of processes.
  • Interaction within the development team. Supporting collective responsibility.

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