BRAS (Broadband Remote Access Server) is a server used in wireless access networks to manage and monitor client connections to the Internet. It is one of the most important components in Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and other networks providing broadband Internet access.

The server acts as a gateway through which clients connect to the Internet through routers or access points. BRAS authenticates and authorizes customers, ensures quality of service, and monitors traffic. The solution can also manage load balancing and traffic routing.

The larger and more complex the network, the more BRAS servers will be needed to ensure reliable and fast operation.

This solution is included in the vStack Telco Cloud, an industry-specific vStack solution for telecom operators and telecoms.

CG-NAT solution is one of the basic tools for telecommunication companies. Broadband remote access servers are required to terminate subscriber traffic, so they are widely used by telecom operators and are part of vStack Telco Cloud.

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