CG-NAT (Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation) is a network security solution used in telecommunication networks to provide highly available scalable data services.

CG-NAT is based on NAT technology which allows conversion of IP-device addresses in local networks to global addresses to enable interaction of devices with the Internet. CG-NAT is used in scalable and highly available networks with stringent reliability and performance requirements. For example, the solution is used to provide Internet access to large numbers of users, to protect local networks from external threats and to ensure privacy.

The CG-NAT solves the problem of a lack of global IP addresses because it allows to use one global IP address for several devices in a local network. It also helps to reduce the cost of network administration as there is no need to allocate and configure separate IP addresses for each device.

The CG-NAT solution is one of the main tools for telecom companies. This solution is included in the vStack Telco Cloud, an industry-specific vStack solution for telecom operators and telecom.

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