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Enterprise virtualization platform vStack

Hyperconverged infrastructure solution
High performance due to CPU overhead of 2-5%
Savings from a wide range of supported equipment
High cost efficiency due to CPU overcommit values: up to 900% in production
Automated accounting of consumed resources up to the department level

Benefits of vStack

Metrocluster with ACTIVE-ACTIVE fault and disaster tolerance mechanisms between data centers
User-friendly and clear interface, where you can solve 80% of tasks without resorting to the command line
Ease of operation due to a single API with no separation into layers
Automatic redundancy of infrastructure elements up to the node level
Heterogeneity support in any virtual networks out-of-the-box
Quick and easy replacement of infrastructure elements
N+1, N+2, N+3 redundancy support
Migration from VMware in a few clicks


Creation and quotation of enterprise-level virtual data centers
Supports self-recovery, error correction, compression and deduplication
Support for cloud VM images with a high degree of customization
Creation of isolated /
routable networks
Support for IP Pool heterogeneity and functionality
Creating, deleting, modifying and cloning VMs
Creating VM snapshots with preserving NIC configuration
VM availability 15-40 seconds after creation
Horizontally scalable software
Traditional On-premise infrastructure
Software-defined data center
Infrastructure for remote offices
Virtual infrastructure
VDI virtual desktops
Development and testing environment
Low-cost backup resources

Proprietary development

One of the main differences of vStack virtualization is a large number of in-house developments. The platform does not use off-the-shelf solutions that have had their name and logo changed.
Proprietary management layer including SDC/SDN/SDS controllers and APIs
Proprietary cluster framework
Proprietary virtual network, favorably distinguished technologically
Proprietary implementation of the RAFT algorithm

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Implementation results

How Serverspace became the #1 provider thanks to the vStack platform

International cloud provider Serverspace operates in seven countries with more than 5,000 customers. The company uses VMware solution and vStack hyperconverged platform as virtualization systems. It is thanks to the implementation of the vStack solution that the provider topped the top companies in terms of virtual machine performance. In this article we will tell you how Serverspace reduced the time to create VMs, increased their performance and reduced virtualization costs.

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ITGLOBAL.COM Cloud provider utilizes vStack platform

The vStack platform is successfully operated in the cloud by ITGLOBAL.COM Cloud provider. In this article we will tell you about the experience of using and operating the solution in the public cloud.

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vStack increases competitiveness of Kazakhstan provider

CloudTek, a cloud provider from Kazakhstan, turned to ITGLOBAL.COM to get a turnkey cloud infrastructure that included the vStack virtualization platform. This allowed the company to increase productivity and reduce the cost of building and maintaining the cloud infrastructure.

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Customer reviews

Logo ITGlobal
We included vStack in our product portfolio quite a long time ago. We realized that in order to develop the company and reduce risks, we had to offer our customers an alternative that would meet their needs no worse than a well-known vendor. We chose the vStack platform and immediately received positive feedback from the market, as the platform is cheaper and does not contain inconvenient and outdated functionality.

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Initially, we built our IT infrastructure based on VMware virtualization, but over time we started looking for alternatives, as infrastructure maintenance and VMware license fees required large investments and expenses. As an alternative, we chose vStack hyperconverged solution and became a leader in virtual machine performance.

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Virtual data centers


List of virtual networks


Virtual network settings


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