VMware vCloud Director


VMware vCloud Director is the software responsible for managing the cloud. It is part of the vCloud Suite utility.


Comes with a paid license that can be purchased as part of vCS Standart, Advanced or Enterprise. If the customer has already purchased vSphere, it is possible to upgrade to vCloud Suite by submitting a separate application to the vendor.

The vCloud Suite is a server that manages IaaS cloud services.


  • The customer chooses the necessary services himself, optimizing his own costs. Subscription or pay-as-you-go options are available.
  • The possibility of multi-tenancy, combining different elements of the infrastructure, the isolation of some elements.
  • Automatic billing of customers according to the tariff plan.
  • Various options for changing virtual data centers and VDI parameters.

Resource management models

  • Allocation Pool. Fixed percentage of total resources.
  • Pay-as-you-go. Limits are set at the virtual machine level, and payment is made only for actual use.
  • Reservation Pool. The customer reserves capacity for his tasks.

This tool is a licensed solution with convenient functionality and the ability to make flexible adjustments for specific purposes.

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