vStack Platform Architecture

Our cluster implementation forms entire Hyper-converged infrastructure, providing unified cluster space, software defined computing, storage and networking capabilities, redundancy and failover features.

Entire hyper-converged infrastructure is managed using web-frontend or JSON-RPC API:

  • Software defined units creation, management, deletion
  • Software defined units performance data and history
  • Cluster status and performance data
  • Node status, cluster membership and performance data

vStack Platform

vStack OS
  • Based on FreeBSD
  • High performance oriented
  • Thin hypervisor based on bhyve
  • Cluster size from 3 to 24 nodes
vStack Storage
  • Redundancy levels: n+1, n+2, n+3
  • Combines POSIX-layer and transaction integrity in ACID model
  • Access protocols: Native, iSCSI, NFS
  • SnapShots, SnapClones support
vStack Management
  • Web UI
  • Monitoring (Performance, Usage)
vStack Network
  • High performance (bandwidth / pps)
  • VLAN/VXLAN support
  • TSO/GSO support
  • mss/pmtud support
  • Jumbo support
  • IP pool management
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