The key ground elements are outstanding and especial opensource solutions on their own, as well as bringing combustible synergistic benefits while combined together.
Legendary OS with peculiar history, evolution, community, features and performance. Although FreeBSD is not too famous to public, there are lot of A-grade companies, who built their products using FreeBSD: Apple™®, NetApp™®, Dell EMC™®, iXsystems™®, Netflix™® etc.
ZFS™® — remarkable heritage of Solaris OS having exceptional features: combined POSIX and ACID, extensive data protection, efficient data compression, copy-on-write units (snapshots, clones), native NFSv4 ACLs, amazing behavior and performance tuning capabilities, smart two-level caching (ARC). ZFS is a valuable part of FreeBSD base for more than 12 years.
bhyve is a type-2 hypervisor, donated to the FreeBSD Project by FreeBSD-boosted company NetApp Inc. more than 8 years ago. For now, bhyve growth is notable enough with full-featured UEFI booting of Linux/FreeBSD/Windows guests, support of NVMe and noticeable performance. OmniOS community suggests it’s performance as “significantly better than KVM and tuning continues”. Bhyve lifecycle success is an example of lightweight approach viability.
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